Welcome to the world of Sealanie Boatyard. We have the expertise in manufacturing finest quality multiday fishery boats. We have consistently strived to manufacture the best quality boats using quality construction materials and skilled manpower. We give meticulous attention to the quality of marine hardware, wood materials. Carefully selected materials are amalgamated with the latest in high tech composite construction techniques to provide a master piece in boats.

With more than two decades of experience, we have established standards of excellence in the design and construction of multiday fishery boats. It is quite evident from our products and satisfied customers who have been with us for decades, appreciating and motivating us to produce world class boats. We take pride in our vast pool of employees consisting of carpenters, painters, engineers, and other managerial staff who are consistently on their toes to manufacture quality boats. We have carefully selected our team who well knows the technique of manufacturing of boats at par with international standards.


Sealanie Boatyard (Pvt) Ltd was founded in Sri Lanka in year 1993 with a strong enthusiastic mission and started constructing multiday fishing boats. Our goal is to satisfy our clients to the fullest extent by providing them the boat they hope, the boat which seems to meet their requirements, according to their program, budget and aesthetic choice. Our goal is to provide stiff and strong, well insulated, durable, fatigue and shock-resistant, and little maintenance boats by choosing good quality raw material and standard manufacturing processes. All qualities that have appeared as being essential during our long sailing experience.


Sri Lanka – the resplendent island in the center of the Indian Ocean has a long and a proud history of boat building. It has a great advantage to become the hub for boat manufacturing in the Asian region due to its strategic location, highly trainable workforce and the labour cost advantage. Sri Lanka has one of the best natural harbours in the Asian region.